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Tattoo Questions 

Q1. What does "custom" tattoo mean?

A1:  Custom tattoo refers to the tattoo artwork being uniquely designed by the artist for each client.  Depending on what the client prefers, the art and design can be based on an idea that the client has, or it can be completely custom made by the artist. 


Q2:  I have an idea for a tattoo. What's next?

A2:  The first step is looking at our portfolios either online or in-store to help you find an artist.

Next is either booking your appointment, or having a free consultation with your artist. Consultations are recommend for large projects.  Consultations can be done any day that your chosen artist is working.  Appointments can be scheduled in-store or via email with a deposit.


Q3:  What is your Deposit policy?

A3:  To schedule a single-session appointment, we require a $100 cash deposit.  To schedule a multi-session appointment for a large project, we require a $100 cash deposit.  All deposits are deducted from the price of your tattoo.  Deposits are non-refundable, however they are transferable to reschedule your appointment. 


Q4:  Do you take walk-ins?

A4:  Walk-ins are always welcome at both locations.


Q5:  Do tattoos hurt?

A5:  Pain tolerance is relative to each person. For the average person, tattoos can be uncomfortable but not unbearable.  


Q6:  How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

A6:  Our policy is that you have to be 18 years old to be tattooed.  Because of the lifelong permanency, we choose not to tattoo underage children, even with parental consent. 


Q7:  What is the shop minimum?

A6:  White Lotus takes pride in the high level of service, knowledge, work, and sterility that we provide to every client. To support the process of setting up, breaking down, and using the equipment needed for a tattoo, our minimum charge is $150. 


Q7:  How long does a large-scale tattoo take to complete (sleeve, half-sleeve, back piece, etc.)?

A7:  Many small to mid-size  tattoos can be single-session projects.  However, large-scale tattoos require multiple sessions to complete.  When getting a large-scale piece, sessions are typically set once every 4 weeks to allow the tattoo to heal properly.  An average session is 4-5 hours depending on pain tolerance.  An estimate of required sessions can be given during your free consultation - which is recommended before booking a large-scale project.


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